“To travel is to live” Hans Christian Anderson

Meet great people and see amazing things, freedom of expression and individual growth is vital to happiness. Travel all over the UK with Life and make a difference.

Development and Leadership

We at Life truly appreciate the hard work of our guys down on the ground and use our vast experience to develop our front liners with a fast-track management program which allows individuals to be running their own office within 6 months and truly grow as individuals.

Our Mantra

We want our staff truly invested in doing their best for life-saving causes; So as well as offering a very competitive basic wage, there is an incredible reward for excellence scheme alongside it creating a culture of everyone pushing together for best practice.


Fundraising can be tough, We make it our duty to make every conversation with any member of the public a special one. We train all staff on the importance of staying in the present moment and not to allow external factors affect your mood or behaviours. We believe the best fundraisers are happy ones so employ an ancient Buddhist meditation method in our training to ensure we are 100% focused on giving the utmost to every individual we speak to.